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Hardwood Flooring – Selecting the Right Floor for Your Home


When building a new home, you have to consider every little aspect of what the final vision should be.  From windows to doors, room size to bathroom tile, all areas must be considered and quite often leave the new owners in a tizzy.  This situation is not akin to new home owners only though.  Many times those purchasing a new-to-them home have renovations to consider and the headache induced can be just as hard to endure.  What is one of the top areas that need replacing?  The flooring; whether carpet or laminate, the wear and tear over time takes its toll.  To avoid this potential dilemma, consider hardwood flooring.


Bruce Hardwoods


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Mullican Hardwoods


Hardwood flooring is not a trend.  It is a statement.  It says that you care about your home.  It shows that you were not afraid to choose the best that money can buy for something that will last.  It also shows that you know quality when you see it. 


You see, hardwood flooring has remained fashionable throughout history for many reasons other than pure visual appeal.  Though many options are available in wood choices and colors making it adaptable to any interior design, this is merely one aspect of its overall draw to home buyers and builders.  Hardwood flooring for all its beauty and grace is also very durable.  This durability will be tried time and time again as you and your family continue grow and experience life in its many colors.  Whether you are asking it to withstand heavy foot traffic from frequent visitors, family, or friends, the elements such as rain and snow, or even the family pets running to and fro, hardwood flooring is made to last and will continue to add to your sense of pride in your home’s design.


Santos Mahogany


Norwegian Maple


Spanish Hickory


So whether you are just starting to build that ultimate dream home, or renovating the sweet little cottage acquired at the bitter end, hardwood flooring can help make your new acquisition a home by giving you piece of mind in knowing you have something made to last.  Create that image from the ground up and you are sure to have a dwelling to take pride in for generations to come.


For more information on Brazilian hardwood floors visit the following resource.

Bruce Flooring Options – Trends for 2010 in Flooring

Hardwood is where it is at, people like the look, the feel, and the finish of it.  Bruce flooring offers a variety of hardwood options for consumers to choose from.  Whether you are looking for real hardwood to go in your new home or laminate flooring to replace something inferior you had in another room.  Bruce flooring provides quality and affordable hardwood flooring that will make your rooms light up.   Whatever your needs are for hardwood flooring, Bruce has it for you offering both laminate and hardwood.

Bruce Flooring

Homerwood Flooring

Triangulo Flooring

If you’re looking for true hardwood, which many consumers prefer today, Bruce flooring has hardwood floors to offer you.  With a variety of different styles, species, and colors, you should be able to get just what you want for your home.  Hardwood floors have many benefits, such as adding value to your home, and making any mess easy to clean.  Hardwood is great for people with allergies and will help you keep your family well.  Bruce also offers a line of cleaning supplies for taking proper care of your hardwood, ensuring that it will last longer than ever and look new even years from now.  From exotic floors to your more every day kinds you’ll fine species such as birch, maple, oak, and hickory.

Bruce American Originals Maple

Bruce American Originals Hickory

Bruce American Originals Oak

If you’re in the market for laminate flooring, Bruce flooring also offers that.  Laminate flooring is popular because it allows people that generally may not have been able to afford hardwood with the option.  With the ease and long lasting look that wood floors provide, if it’s out of your range, laminate can take care of your need.  Bruce also offers laminate flooring in tile, so it’s not just wood you can get from them, if you’re looking for an affordable tile option, they can offer that to you also.  Laminate flooring looks just like hardwood by using a print that mirrors that of hardwood, you’ll be able to fool any critic.  This type of flooring also has the ease of installation.  Unlike hardwood, which can take days to install, laminate flooring from Bruce flooring has a tongue and groove cut into it so you can snap your flooring together in an afternoon.

Bruce Turlington

Armstrong Flooring

Shaw Flooring

Mullican Flooring

Whether you’ve had your heart set on that exotic hardwood floor from Bruce, or you’re tired of your carpet but don’t want to break the bank, Bruce flooring has a product for you.  Their laminate and true hardwood lines come with incredible value and quality.  You won’t skimp by going with Bruce, and you’ll get the style you always wanted in your home.